ContributionLink Terms & Conditions of Use

  • The “Company” means ContributionLink, LLC
  • The “System” means the ContributionLink application or software
  • The “Subscriber” means clients or customers of ContributionLink, LLC
Subscriber Agreement by Use

By use of the System or services offered by the Company, Subscribers are deemed to have agreed to the terms & conditions enumerated herein. The Terms & Conditions of Use may be revised from time to time at the sole discretion of the Company.


The Company in no way represents that information contained in or reported by the System is accurate in the absolute. Some information contained in the System has been captured from other publically available sources and reorganized and formatted for the express purposes of research and planning by the Company’s Subscribers. Because this information is subject to human error in data entry or distinctions in data entry i.e. abbreviation, punctuation and other differences, the data may not be complete or accurate. Other information may be incorrectly labeled, organized or formatted based on assumptions the System may make. To ensure the highest degree of accuracy possible, the Company relies on data maintenance protocols and its Subscribers to identify any misinformation. Any issues of accuracy or completeness can usually be resolved quickly. In the event of information posted by Subscribers to the System, Subscribers acknowledge responsibility for that information. However, the Company retains ultimate authority over all content contained within the System and may from time to time delete content to keep with high standards of morality, ethics and professionalism. Subscribers also acknowledge that the System is available for licensure to any other person, organization or entity. Nothing prohibits the Company from soliciting or licensing other Subscribers deemed appropriate by the Company.

System Use and Subscribership Integrity

Subscribers may use all tools and functionality of the System for which they are granted privileges by the Company. Subscribers are not permitted to share or reproduce information generated by the System to parties outside of the subscribing entity, office, client base or membership. Subscribers are not permitted to share System login credentials with any unauthorized individuals or organizations. Violations of this section by Subscribers are determined at the sole discretion of the Company and will result in termination of services to the Subscriber and forfeiture of any license or subscribership fees.

Privacy Policy

Unless compelled by federal, state or local law enforcement, the Company shall not share any information about its Subscribers to any third party unless prior express permission is granted to the Company by the Subscriber.

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