About ContributionLink

Contributionlink is a revolutionary web-based campaign and government affairs data management system that provides new tools for lobbyists, advocacy and interest groups, candidates, political committees, professional fundraisers and other stakeholders needing the ability to better manage the political and campaign processes.

The innovation of ContributionLink comes by integrating campaign finance information with other donor related data, presenting it electronically, based on individual user specifications, into one central system. The system then adds robust research and reporting features, contact, fundraising event and fundraising plan management utilities, and substantial data search, sort and manipulation tools. The Contributionlink system, through its Campaignlink module allows its users access to other communities of users and then provides for a central delivery and receiving system for campaign related information.

Political participants of all types; elected officials, state parties, candidates, lobbyists, staff and even the media devote scores of time and effort to the issues of fundraising and political intelligence. There is a premium on this information , it is constant, increasing all the time and proliferates the political process culture. Although related information exists and other management tools are utilized, they are inefficient, archaic and lack accuracy and sophistication. Until now, the methods to retrieve and use this information were void of any integration or relational connections with one another.

ContributionLink will transform the political and campaign process by providing its users with functionality never before possible; increasing the amounts of knowledge, pioneering efficient methods to acquire and deliver that knowledge and through its organization of information, will substantially enhance the value of its subscribers.

For additional information send an email to info@ContributionLink.com .

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