Affiliate – related but different contributing entities

Alias – different variations of the same contributing entity

Committee List – a list of all Party Executive Committees, Committees of Continuous Existence, Independent Expenditures Organizations, Electioneering Communications Organizations and Political Action Committees registered with the State of Florida’s Department of State Division of Elections.

Candidate List – a list of all state and federal candidates filed with the State of Florida’s Department of State Division of Elections.

Contributor/ Principle Name – a list of principle names as registered with the Florida Legislature’s Lobbyist Registration offices and contributor names as reported by reporting entities to the Department of State’s Division of Elections.

Duplicates – contributors names or alias’ of those names which share identical contributor characteristics with another contributor or principle name

Election ID – the number the Division of Elections uses to identify different election cycles from one another. The numbering protocol is the year, month and date. For example, the Election ID for the 2010 general election is 20101102 (2010 year, November 2nd)

Juris1Num – the number assigned to the district for which the candidate is running

Lobbyist List – a list of all registered lobbyists in Florida or individuals affiliated with political fundraising activities

Office Code – the office the candidate is seeking;
  • STR – State Representative
  • STS – State Senate
  • CFO – Chief Financial Officer
  • ATG – Attorney General
  • AGR – Agriculture Commissioner
  • GOV - Governor
  • USR – United States Representative
  • USS – United States Senate
Reports – political contribution information organized, formatted and exported to MS Word

Utilities – tools for subscribers to manage contacts, events, credit and fundraising plans

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