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Help navigate the political minefield and more effectively utilize your resources.

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Legislative Committee Analysis

Analyze the members of a legislative committee from a campaign finance perspective. Review the contribution trends of a contributor or an industry as a whole such as healthcare, insurance or gaming plus hundreds of others. Gain insight on the membership spending of various organizations active in Florida. Get a leg up on your adversaries by gaining insight on their strategy and thus improve your own.

Developing Your Political Budget

Look at your own organization's contribution trends to make better-informed decisions in the future. Impress at a PAC meeting or political budget strategy session by providing analysis that reveal the strengths and weaknesses found in past spending decisions. Share stats with your members to motivate their involvement and increase their interest in the political climate around them.

Legislative Opponents

Keep an eye on your opponents and make better informed decisions for your own organization. Monitor where the opposition is spending their political resources, analyze their decisions in past cycles and understand where they have placed their chips previously. Gain insight as to where their next move may be.

Membership Development

Understand the contributions made by your members outside of the organization and use these figures to help meet fundraising goals. Resources are being spent by your membership often without the coordination or knowledge of the organization. Monitor, track and use this information to grow your organization, increase membership and get credit where it's due.