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What can Contribution Link do for your clients, your lobbying firm & you?


Stay informed, impress clients and win.

Legislative Committee Analysis

Analyze the members of a legislative committee from a campaign finance perspective. Review the contribution trends of a contributor or an industry as a whole; such as healthcare, insurance or gaming plus hundreds of others. Gain insight on the membership spending of various organizations and get a leg up on your adversaries by gaining insight on their strategy. 

Developing Client's Political Budget

Use your client's contribution trends to help you prepare for the future. Impress at a PAC meeting or political budget strategy session by providing budget comparisons, revealing the strengths and weaknesses found in past spending and planning for the future.

Legislative Opponents

Keep an eye on your client's opponents and be more strategic with the contribution decisions you make for your clients. Monitor where the opposition is spending their political resources, where they have placed their chips in prior cycles and gain insight as to where their next move may be.

Navigating the Fundraising Process

Research the political budgets of other lobbyists and their clients to stay competitive in your field. Get more comprehensive and accurate information to ensure credit is given where its due. Manage the expectations of those doing the asking and those doing the giving.

Pitching Clients

Research a potential client's contribution trends to expose the specifics of their political activity and reveal their strengths and weaknesses. Impress them with new strategic ideas based on their past trends.