I'm a Candidate


What can Contribution Link do for your campaign, your fundraising efforts & you?


Provide a push button plan that will save time, raise more money & help you get organized.

Focus on Capital Donors

Find out which individuals can give the most, who you should be soliciting and how much you should be asking for. Compare yourself to other candidates to expose areas in which you can improve. Target industries statewide and make sure you are not leaving anything on the table. Our data and expertise will help you hit your targets.

Gain Confidence in the Ask

Expose how much individuals or companies have given from all of the accounts they are linked to. With this information, you will have the confidence to know how much they are capable of giving to you in comparison to what they have given to others. Use this insight to formulate your ask and provide a point of reference.

Improve Local Fundraising

See who is giving in your own backyard and which candidates they are supporting. Gain key demographic information on the politically active individuals in your area. Couple this information with our call lists and mailing lists through donor communication programs to develop and implement an integrated district fundraising initiative.

Stay Organized and Focused

With our information at your fingertips, you can plan ahead or ask on the fly. It is key to organize events that ensure success, track commitments and target top contributors. Leaving no stone unturned ensures that you fund your campaign at the level to which you are capable.

Cultivate New Supporters

Save time by letting us do the research for you. Often times, it is hard to know who to ask for support once you have landed your low-hanging fruit. Where do you turn to next? Let us show you.

Build a Base for Future Ambitions

Whether you are in a heated race or you want to scare off potential opponents – it is important to build a solid base today in order to make fundraising easier for tomorrow. Anticipate.