As Florida’s once a decade redistricting process nears its hopeful completion, we took a look at what the State’s proposed Legislative and Congressional boundaries may mean for our clients.

To account for our Country’s “one man - one vote” principle, after each decennial census, the Florida Legislature is required to reconfigure Florida’s population into as near as possible, equal, legislative and congressional district boundaries. For this analysis, we used zip codes as a geographical base of measure.

Florida’s approximately 1,451 zip codes will soon be divvied up, some even split, between newly mapped districts of 27 US Congressional, 40 State Senate and 120 State House seats.

About the data: ContributionLink captured historical political contribution information from donors throughout the country given to candidates and political committees in Florida. The information is updated through 2011’s fourth quarter and dates back more than three election cycles and in some cases, years well beyond.

We aggregated all contributions given from inside each zip code to all state level candidates and active political committees. We then grouped contributions by party affiliation, meaning contributions to the Republican Party of Florida and its candidates and contributions to the Florida Democrat Party and its candidates. As trends emerged, some were obvious and others interesting:

  • 34102 is Florida’s most politically generous zip code. However, before the awards; we should at least acknowledge that it is not the collective generosity of the donors in this Naples, Florida area that puts it atop the list but instead the work of primarily one individual. Governor and Mrs. Rick Scott call this place home when not on Adams Street.
  • Four of Florida’s top ten giving zip codes are in the Capital City: 32301, 32302, 32308 and 32399. Zip codes 32301 and 32302 include however the contribution amounts from each of the two major State Parties.
  • Counting only the top 100 giving zip codes, a total of $103,817,696.10 was given to the Republican Party of Florida or Republican candidates while the Florida Democrat Party or Democrat candidates received $44,091,143.43. Note: The Governor Scott, RPOF and FDP zips were excluded from all figures, charts and maps.

These zip codes, listed along with current elected officials, are those with largest Democrat advantage by contribution amount:

  • 33014 – Miami Lakes/ Opa Locka (+$485,000) Cong. Wilson & Diaz Balart, Sens. Braynon & Garcia, Reps. Watson & Oliva
  • 33020 – Hollywood (+$308,000) - Cong. Wilson & Wasserman Schultz, Sen. Eleanor Sobel, Reps. Scwhartz & Jenne
  • 33137 – Miami/ Little Haiti (+$300,000) Cong. Wilson & Ros-Lehtinen, Sens. Bullard & Margolis, Rep. Stafford
  • 33067 – Pompano Beach/ Parkland (+$273,000) Cong. West, Sens. Ring & Sachs, Reps. Kiar & Porth

These zip codes reflect largest aggregated contribution amounts to the Republican Party & Republican candidates:

  • 33606 - Davis Island, Tampa ($5,019,000)
  • 33440 – Clewiston ($4,258,000) *** there is a small sugar farm operation here o 33602 – Downtown Tampa ($3,646,000)
  • 33408 – North Palm/ Juno Beach ($3,481,000) * home zip of FPL/ NextEra

Number 91 on our list of top 100 zip codes deserves some special notoriety as it’s the only one not in Florida. This Louisville, Kentucky zip code, 40201, is home to Humana and Humana’s Compbenefits companies.

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