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  • "... Once you have it, you wonder how you ever worked without it... a remarkable, one-of-a-kind tool."
    Marian Johnson - VP of Political Strategy, Florida Chamber of Commerce

  • "...its the Google of Florida Politics."
    Rich Heffley - CEO, Heffley and Associates

  • "...saves us countless hours of strategic political research."
    - The Rubin Group

  • “… helps our organization navigate the political minefield and more effectively utilize our resources… if you don’t have it, you aren’t serious about Florida politics.”
    Tim Stapleton – EVP, Florida Medical Association

Top Statistics

  • $ 1 b
  • 12 m
  • 474 k

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Stats Straight.


Amount of money being tracked by system. If you added together every contribution to each candidate and committee over the history of our archived data, it would total more than $1 billion.

12,331,124 Data Points

More than 12 million individual data points being managed and maintained by the ContributionLink software system - the  most comprehensive set of political donor data available!

474,274 Unique Contributors

The number of unique contributor names in the software system. ContributionLink monitors almost 400k individual donors with a political contribution history.

What is
Contribution Link?

Contribution Link is a political consulting company steeped in political, government affairs and fundraising experience. We provide exclusive strategic services to candidates, campaigns, lobbyists, political parties and other advocacy organizations. Our one-of-a-kind software system is revolutionizing the way people access and utilize political finance data. Our unique data, combined with leading-edge professional consulting, empowers you to make better informed decisions, save time and increase success rates.

Stats that Matter

Who's It For?

  • I'm a Lobbyist

    Build informed political budgets. Comprehensively understand contributions made by your firm and your clients - get credit where it's due. Identify which members receive support from specific contributors and their affiliates. Understand contribution trends and political activity of the opposition and how this information affects your own legislative strategy.


    What can Contribution Link do for your clients, your lobbying firm & you?


    Stay informed, impress clients and win.

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  • I'm a Candidate

    Raise more money faster. Make proper fundraising asks, track commitments and target donors using state-of-the-art software. Prioritize your communication plans through push button direct mail programs using targeted mailing lists, call lists and email lists. Understand and unite donors based on their characteristics. Identify specific industries and target industry givers. Save time and get better results with our turn-key solutions.


    What can Contribution Link do for your campaign, your fundraising efforts & you?


    Provide a push button plan that will save time, raise more money & help you get organized.

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  • We're an Organization

    Identify outside contributions made by your membership. Recruit non-members who are politically active in the state. Provide leadership with exclusive analysis of both your membership and opposition. Arm your membership with statistics of adversary political activity and contributions.


    What can Contribution Link do for your company, association or interest group?


    Help navigate the political minefield and more effectively utilize your resources.

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Now Available
In the App Store

  • Get the information advantage

    Contribution Link’s app is made for candidates, consultants, lobbyists, corporate government affairs and other political observers. The app includes all currently available election cycle data and historical information from the beginning of the 2012 cycle.

  • Dynamic data readily available

    Our app makes Florida state level political and campaign finance data easily accessible and consumable on the Apple tablet platform and features interactive maps, analytic charts and robust search and sort filters.

  • The newest and fastest way to connect

    Users quickly analyze the most up-to-date candidate and political committee, financial, legislative district demographic & performance statistics and can connect using social media links.

  • ContributionLink iPad App Version 1.1

    Check out our newest upgrade of the ContributionLink app for iPad. Some of the upgrades include enhanced map features, candidate filtering tools as well as candidate twitter streams. Download the app here and learn how quickly you can analyze the most up-to-date candidate and political statistics.

Meet the

  • Brecht Heuchan

    Brecht Heuchan

    Brecht is the President and owner of Contribution Link, LLC. He developed the proprietary data management system from which we provide information to our clients.

    Some of Brecht's other professional highlights include two years directly serving Speaker Daniel Webster and House Majority Leader Jim King. In 1999, Brecht was appointed the Director of Senate Campaigns for the Republican Party of Florida where he managed all campaign operations, oversaw a record setting $6 million budget, and orchestrated a statewide campaign plan that elected a Republican Majority to the Florida Senate. He later served as Managing Partner of a large government affairs advocacy firm. Brecht also owns a government consulting firm which represents businesses and organizations before Florida's State Government. Brecht lives in Tallahassee with his wife and three children.

  • A.J. Rhodes

    A.J. Rhodes

    A.J. manages our team of data specialists and works to make certain all data provided is accurate and efficient. Contribution Link is always improving its software system and A.J. ensures those improvements keep us on the cutting edge.

    A.J. began working for Contribution Link in September 2009 while earning his BS in Mechanical Engineering. After graduating Magna Cum Laude in the Spring of 2011, he transitioned into a full-time position taking over the data management aspects of Contribution Link’s complex software system. A.J. was born and raised in Tallahassee where he currently resides with his wife Morgan.

  • W. Clayton Hinson

    W. Clayton Hinson

    Clayton serves our company in a number of critical capacities. His primary duties involve data management and political research, handling complex initiatives and customized solutions for clients. Clayton's past experience include roles at one of the state's premier business associations, a multi-state lobbying firm and a congressional campaign. Clayton received a Bachelors of Science in Economics with a Certificate in Political Economy from Florida State University and resides in Tallahassee where he grew up. 

  • Molly Cowart

    Molly Cowart

    Molly brings a variety of skills and knowledge to our growing team. As our marketing specialist, she coordinates all of ContributionLink’s social media outlets as well as assists clients with product solution and service delivery.

    Molly began her professional career with the Republican Party of Florida’s Senate Campaigns, and then moved on to work for the Senate Majority Office and the Senate President’s Office in the Florida Senate before joining Contribution Link. She graduated from Florida State University in 2012 with a degree in Spanish. Molly was born in Montgomery, AL and lives in Tallahassee. 

Going on

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  • Contlink Candidates Raise $30M & Have A 95% Win Rate

    Congratulations to our candidate clients, they posted a win rate of 95% and together raised more than $30 million.

  • The Agony of Defeat

    Congratulations and good will go to the winners of yesterday’s elections. To the teams that lost, this is as much for me as it is for you.

  • Election Prediction Contest - Man vs Machine

    We are sponsoring an election prediction game that allows members of the public to compete against some of Florida’s shrewdest political pros and an election outcome-forecasting model called DecisionLink.